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Alan P. Caplan
Attorney at Law

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Boston, Massachusetts.


1960 B.A. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
1965 LLB. (JD) Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Bar Memberships:

Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

United States Supreme Court.
United States Courts of Appeals for the First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Circuits.
United States District Courts for the District of Massachusetts, Northern District of New York, Northern District of Ohio, District of Nebraska and Northern District of California.

Pro Hac Vice Appearances:

United States District Courts (in some of these jurisdictions - multiple appearances):

District of Arizona, Central District of California, Eastern District of California, Southern District of California, District of Colorado, District of Connecticut, Middle District of Florida, District of Idaho, Southern District of Illinois, Southern District of Indiana, Northern District of Iowa, Eastern District of Kansas, Western District of Louisiana, Eastern District of Missouri, Western District of Missouri, District of New Hampshire, District of New Mexico, District of Minnesota, District of Nevada, Eastern District of New York, Southern District of New York, District of Oregon, Middle District of Pennsylvania, District of South Carolina, District of South Dakota, District of Utah, Northern District of Texas, Western District of Texas, District of Vermont, Western District of Washington.

State Trial Courts (in some of these jurisdictions - multiple appearances):

California, Connecticut, Maine, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington.


1960-1962  Active Navy duty as a Line Officer aboard the USS Rankin (AKA-103), part of an amphibious task force home-ported in Norfolk, Virginia that conducted operations in the Caribbean.
                  My primary responsibility was "Boat Group Commander", coordinating operations of landing craft for an entire squadron of ships during amphibious landings.


1972-1974  Supervising Attorney -- Harvard Law School Voluntary Defender Program, with responsibility for overseeing the cases and activities of approximately 50 law students permitted to
                 represent criminal defendants in misdemeanor trials and felony preliminary hearings in the Massachusetts lower courts.

Clinical Associate -- Harvard Law School, teaching a "laboratory" section of the Trial Practice Course for third year law students.
                  Tufts University -- Taught undergraduate course: "Alternate Means of Dispute Resolution."

1974-1976  Supervising Attorney -- Harvard Law School Prison Legal Assistance Project, overseeing approximately 40 law students permitted to represent men and women in the Massachusetts
                  and federal prison systems in prison disciplinary hearings, parole application and revocation hearings, divorces, and habeas corpus petitions.

Employment History:

1965-1968   Associate -- Guterman, Horvitz and Rubin, Boston Massachusetts -- assignments focused on business related matters, including corporate and tax law, commercial real estate, domestic
                   relations, estate planning and administration.

1968-1972  General Counsel, Gray Line Bus and Trucking Companies, Boston, Massachusetts. Primary focus was upon state and federal regulatory law, and general business matters.

1972-1976  Founding attorney -- Project Place Legal Services in Boston, Massachusetts. Provided legal advice and in-court representation on criminal and civil matters for clients and staff of Project
                  Place's "runaway houses", emergency counseling and medical services, short term shelter and community outreach programs, including its telephone counseling "Hot Line". After working
                  alone for more than a year, by 1976 the legal staff had grown to include 5 full time attorneys, together with 3 paralegals, and law students from clinical programs at Harvard, Northeastern,
                  Boston College, Boston University and Suffolk Law Schools.

1976-1979  Private law practice with the firms of Caplan, Christiansen and Reichlin (1976-1978), and Caplan and Weinstein (1978-1979) in Boston, Massachusetts. Cases primarily involved criminal
                  defense, civil litigation, and family court matters, in the state and federal courts. From 1976-1979, I was certified by the Judges of the Superior Court as one of 150 attorneys in the
                  Commonwealth of Massachusetts eligible to be appointed to represent indigents charged with First Degree Murder.

1979-2013  Private law practice as a sole practitioner residing in San Francisco, California (through 2011) and now in Henderson, Nevada, with primary focus upon trial and appellate representation
                  of persons accused or convicted of serious criminal offenses federal and state courts throughout the United States.